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Reach out and engage with the most progressive Farmers.
We will help you initiate the dialogue with the ones interested in your products & services.

Invite them to SMS your keyword & we'll add them to your list and auto respond with your select message and can schedule a call. If they call back, we get them to listen to your story and divert the call to the right destination.


Facebook Postings

KISAN page has 150,000+ likes. We can promote your products or services on this page right now with link to your page/website.


E-Newsletter + Blog

KISAN.com has over 60,000 members and the number is increasing every day. We can post News about your company or Product with photographs in our Email Newsletter and Blog. Yes, this can be interactive with your Images + Video and can have a link to your website or facebook page.


Website Advertisements

We can start promoting you on our websites kisan.in and kisan.com.
You will get to advertise on both these sites with focussed audience from Agri sector.These ads will have link to your website or any webpage you desire.

For more details
please call us on 095 95 389 389 or write to us at samvaad@kisan.com


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