Stand Types

KISAN offers the following stand types to the exhibitors.

Prefabricated Stands

Prefabricated Spaces are stalls with modular shell system panels. Each panel is of 2.4m in height
& 1m in width. The name of the exhibitor appears on fascia.

The facilities per 9 sq. m. are: 

  • 3 Chairs
  • 3 Spot Lamps
  • 1 Reception Counter
  • Carpet
  • 5 amp power point
  • Exhibitor's name on fascia
  • Waste Basket
For exact dimensions please click here : Prefab Dimensions

Book first & get prime location. 
Booking early, you get an advantage to choose a location.

Covered Bare Space

Bare Spaces are bare display areas provided within the halls. The Exhibitors are allowed to get their
own displays, partition walls and furniture.

Bare Open Space

Open Spaces are open to sky. Exhibitors need to get their own displays, partition walls and/or furniture.

Greenhouse at Venue

You can erect your Greenhouse on a bare space of 12m x 16m.


36 sq.m. i.e. 6m x 6m. Covered spaces are provided for display of equipments or implements.

The facilities per Marquee of 36 sq. m. are:

  • 3 Chairs
  • 1 Frilled Table
  • 5 amp power point
  • Carpet
  • Dustbin


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